Cotton Bales

  • Botanical Name
    Gossypium Spp.
  • English Name
    Cotton Bales
  • Hindi Name
    Kapash Ganthe
  • Other Name
    Kapash Gasadi
  • Family Name

It is most desirable products of raw cotton. Cotton bales made from raw cotton after processing of ginning and pressing. Raw cotton goes in ginning for gin process in which first cleaning process happen on raw cotton, removing moisture from cotton than after cotton lint separate from cotton seeds. Cotton seed goes in oil mil for extracting oil from it and cotton lint in pressing unit. Pressing unit press the cotton lint and make standard size of cotton bale. Our Cotton bales are very suitable for transportation from nation to nation.

Our products in cotton bale

We have good quality of cotton bales of below cotton linters.

  • Shanker-6
  • Kalyani

Our strength

Our ginning plant situated in victoria state in Australia. Which area is very famous for its cotton grower.  victoria is leading cotton producer state in Australia. We purchase our raw cotton from directly selected our farmer so we have quality products of raw cotton than after we have our own ginning plant so we make good cotton bales under international standard.


Cotton linter is useful in making various kind of yarn and clothes. About 60 to 70 % of cotton linters are going to be made of various types of clothes.  Some kind of cotton also useful in medical purpose.