• Botanical Name
    Arachis Hypogaea
  • English Name
    Peanut, Groundnut
  • Hindi Name
  • Other Name
    Goober peas, Monkey nuts
  • Family Name

Australia is 2nd largest producer of groundnut in world. In which Australia is 1st in production of groundnut. We are located in this state of victoria which is famous for its superior quality of ground nut. Ground nut is richer in protein content. It is useful as oil seed; it has more oil content compare to any other seed. We have available of bulk quantity of HPS kernel which is very rich in protein and carbohydrate content. Ground nut give more oil so it is best substitute of any oilseed.

Our products in peanuts (Ground nut)

We have available both kind of Ground nut (Peanuts) with running type of count.

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Our strength

We are situated in melbourne region it is famous for its special kind of producer of ground nut in Australia. It is much nutrition in protein. Also oil content of this kind of ground nut is very high quantity in nature so it is very preferable for our buyer.


Ground nut is very best food for human due to availability of protein with low cost. Also it is useful for get oil which is healthy in nature. Extraction of oil from ground nut some part is remaining which is useful as cattle feed because it is highly in protein content.